There may be pensions or lump sums payable from a trade union, professional body or other association, or from a provident club which pays benefit when a member dies.

If the person was getting a benefit before they died, there may be some of that benefit still due. When you tell the Department for Work and Pensions about the person’s death, ask them to send you a form which you can use to claim any money owed.

If you are the executor, you will be paid this money. If there is no executor but you are paying for the funeral, you can claim up to the amount of the funeral costs.

Life insurance policies

The person who died may have taken out a life insurance policy which pays a lump sum if they die before a certain age. The lump sum is usually paid after the will has been dealt with but the insurance company may pay out some money when they have proof that the person has died.

The Cremation Society

If the person who died was a member of the Cremation Society you may be able to pay lower cremation fees. Or the Cremation Society may pay something towards the cost of the cremation.