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Choosing a funeral director

Friends, family, clergy or your doctor may be able to suggest a local company with a good reputation. If not, most local firms are listed in the Yellow Pages. Remember that charges can vary considerably from firm to firm.You may want to contact or visit more than one firm.

Most funeral directors choose to join one of the two trade associations below, so you may want to check this before choosing one. However, funeral directors do not have to be in a trade association.

National Association of Funeral Directors

National Society of Allied & Independent Funeral Directors

Both organisations have codes of practice. Funeral directors who are members have to give you a price list when you ask, and they will not increase any costs they give you without your permission. The funeral director will need:

  • The certificate for burial or cremation (the green form), or
  • An order for burial or a certificate for cremation from the coroner.
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